Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Catch Up

We went to see Rich Hall and he was lovely and hilarious, Pizza and wine with mom, Sunnyside bubble bar (review coming soon), Koppaberg, Hotel Chocolat, Origins order, Pete practising Hey Jude, Essential road trip things, Hazelnut praline brownie, Beautiful scenery around the Kenmore hotel in Scotland, We visited a castle for the wedding photos, Pete feeling a tad hungover, Driving home.

So I've been a little sporadic with my blogging recently as I've had quite a lot going on but I have lots of posts planned for this month, I didn't bother with a Sunday Summary the week before last as the only interesting thing that happened was Pete and I went to see Rich Hall. 
Last week I spent most the week preparing for our trip to Scotland for Pete's dads wedding, it took a good 7 hours to drive up there but it was totally worth it, the wedding was beautiful, the scenery was perfect and of course the reception was the best bit, I don't know if I've ever drunk that much in one night before we stayed up until we could drink no more and Pete played his guitar as we all song (yelled) along.
I will post a couple of photos from the wedding once I've found the lead for my camera.

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