Monday, 13 May 2013

May Wishlist

May Wishlist

There are lots of lovely things tempting me this month, first up the beautiful gold spiked necklace from Topshop it is so pretty but I don't think I'd spend £20.00 on it but the dainty silver spike from Miss Selfridge is much more purse friendly at £6.50 and would go great with the spiked bracelet from Topshop.
I tried to resist the revival of the dungaree but there are so many pretty dungarees and pinafores around at the moment I have my eye on quite a few (I even tried on some denim short ones in Primark but I looked completely ridiculous) this pretty heart print navy pinafore from River Island is just lovely and it's only £22.00.
The H&M Leopard T-shirt has already sold out online so I have no chance of making it mine but I'm very tempted to buy both of the other t-shirts on this wishlist, the Crystal tee by Escapology at Topshop isn't the kind of thing I'd usually go for but I love the mix of colours on it. The River Island tee is a pretty accurate description of my life and it's only £15.00 so I may accidently order this at some point.
I've seen a few people with the Dixi Moonwalker ring and I pretty much decided I was going to buy it but it's unfortunately sold out right now.
I need these Asos boots to be mine.
I could do with some new trousers and the pretty blue floral print on these Miss Selfridge Skinnies remind me of pretty vintage tea cups.
Benefit relaunched their eyeshadows with a whole new range of shades, the one I'm most drawn to is this lovely dark brown called Kiss Me I'm Tipsy they are a little pricey at £15.50 each but I've always found Benefits eyeshadows to be really good quality so I can see myself buying one or two.
I've been lusting after a backpack for a while and this gorgeous burgundy rabbit print one is just perfection.
Lastly is this pretty pastel blue sleeveless blouse which is pretty similar to several blouses I already own but has me lusting after it all the same.

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