Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Summary

Drinking cider in the bath forever classy, Pepperoni panini and black cherry cider, nachos number 1, Chilli beef nachos number 2, Green eyes cocktail, Enchiladas, Star Trek : D, New pjs, New beauty purchases.

So I spent most of the past two weeks playing house with Pete as his dad was on his honeymoon and we were looking after the house, it was so nice to have a bit of peace and quiet for a while but it's made me want to move out a lot more, I love my family and my house but having been with Pete for five years I'd love to be able to live together and have our own space. He lives very close to work meaning I got an extra little lie in every morning and after work Pete cooked us lots of yummy food including the most amazing chilli beef nachos.
On Friday I had a day off so we went to Chiquitos followed by a trip to the cinema to see Star Trek: Into Darkness it was so good I really want to see it again. Yesterday I went shopping with my mom to get a birthday present for my nan and then went to the pub to celebrate a friends birthday followed by drunkenly ordering pizza and wandering home somewhere near 3am. So today I've been having a very quiet day in my pjs feeling a bit worse for wear.

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