Monday, 8 July 2013

Catch Up

Graze popcorn is the best, The beautiful beaches at Tenby, We took a little boat trip to Caldey Island, Cooling down with a slushy, Doodling boats on the beach, Fantastic pizza at Top Joes, Pancakes with soked bacon and syrup at our favourite little B&B The Croyland, A yacht made from ice cream, The best burgers ever from Mews, Followed by creme brulee, A chocolate lego brick, Nice meal at The Bay Tree on our last night in Tenby, Ice cream on the beach before we left, Driving home, After work treats, Despicable Me 2, Random Sainsburys purchases, Two Happy Meals for extra happiness, Magazine freebies.

My blog posts have been incredibly sporadic lately as I've just really not felt myself, I was feeling unwell about three weeks ago and after a trip to the doctor he thought I had glandular fever so he signed me off work for the week and sent me for blood tests. I have a huge fear of needles and had never had a blood test before so it was pretty hideous, I spent my week off feeling incredibly tired and watching way too many dvds.
The week after Pete and I had booked a few days in Tenby and I hoped the sea air might make me feel a bit better, we had such a great time and as soon as we got there I felt a bit better it honestly feels like my second home. We ate a lot of great food but the doctor told me not to drink so I stuck to just one glass of wine with dinner and the weather was great so we got to spend lots of time on the beach unlike when we went in March.
On the way back from Tenby my throat started to get really sore and my tonsils felt really swollen so I went back to the doctors last Tuesday and saw a different doctor he put me on Penicillin, I still hadn't had my blood test results so he said he'd chase them up. I got a call on Thursday asking me to go in on Friday to talk about my results which made a bit worried but he said it was nothing serious. It turns out I'm significantly Aneamic, my blood count was around 8 and it should be at least 13 which explains my complete lack of energy, so he sent me for more blood tests to find out why it's so low and he put me on Iron tablets until we get the results.
On top of all that Pete's dog Jake had to be out down on Friday as he was really unwell and there was nothing else they could do for him. So It's been a pretty stressful few weeks and I'm feeling absolutely exhausted, I almost fainted at work on Saturday so I've had to take a few days off to rest but hopefully my tablets will start working and I'll be to normal soon.

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