Thursday, 18 July 2013

Recent Purchases

Crystal Lip Tint- £9.00 Topshop // Collar Studs- £3.50 Topshop // 
Tea Tree Toner- £3.95 Lush // Creamy Candy Bubble Bar- £2.50 Lush // Sex Bomb Bath Bomb- £3.20 Lush // Space Girl Bath Bomb- £2.10 Lush // Twilight Bath Bomb- £3.20 Lush // Karma Bubble Bar- £3.15  Lush // The Comforter Bubble Bar- £4.25 Lush
Barry M Gelly Nail in Mango and Key Lime- £3.99 each // Revenge Wears Prada- £3.49 Sainsburys // T-shirt Dress- £19.50 Asos  // T-shirt With Cut Out Back- £3.00 H&M // Faux Shearling Lapel Collar- £6.50 Asos // Western Tip Belt- £6.00 Asos // Studded Creepers- £9.99 Ebay // Studded Boots- £38.50 Asos.

I've been pretty impulsive with my spending recently so I thought I'd do a little haul post of everything I've bought over the past month since my spending ban ended. 
I popped into Topshop after work on Tuesday to treat myself to the Crystal Lip tint and I had a little browse through the sale jewellery and spotted the collar studs so I ended up buying those as well. I haven't had any Lush bombs or bubble bars for ages so I went a bit nuts and bought all my favourites as well as repurchasing my toner as I'm nearly out.
I really didn't need any new nail varnishes but I felt like adding a couple of more summery colours to my collection so I went for these super bright Gelly nail paints.
I actually bought the tie dye t-shirt dress to take away to Tenby but never wore it but with all this hot weather I'm sure I'll get to wear it soon especially as I have next week booked off work, I nearly bought the black motor cycle t-shirt before going to Tenby too but put it back at the last second so when I saw it in the sale last week for just £3.00 I bought it straight away.
I finally replaced my studded black creepers as my old ones have split across the sole and are now in two pieces.
And finally I treated myself to these beautiful boots, they are just perfect.

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  1. whats the topshop lip tint like? love your finds so much, especially the boots and aw you can never go wrong with Lush!

  2. I did a review of the old Crystal lip tint here but the new one applies a little darker and more vibrant.
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