Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Souk Souk Little Green Beauty Box- September

I wasn't all that impressed with my first Souk Souk beauty box but this months box was so much better, I love everything and the products were mainly full sized which is fantastic.

 Konjac Puff Sponge- full size £6.99- link
I haven't actually tried this yet but I'm very intrigued by it, it is 100% natural and is actually made from Konnyaku plant root which is naturally moisture rich and alkaline so it's supposed to balance out the acidity of any impurities on your skin. You can use this alone or with a cleanser, it claims that you only need a fraction of the cleanser you would usually use as it generates loads of foam and spreads cleanser further. I'm really excited to try this as it sounds fantastic and even in the packet you can tell how soft and damp it is.

Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate With Butterscotch
This was a little bonus product for this months box and I think all subscribers like me were very happy for this bonus.

Glow Skincare Rose & Macadamia Face Cream- Sample- Full size £25.00- link
Again I haven't tried this properly yet but I tested it on the back of my hand and it felt lovely and moisturising as well as smelling fantastic but I think it might be a little too heavy for my skin as it is aimed at dry mature skin so my mom might end up with it. 

Nourish Protect Hand Lotion- Full Size £12.95- link
This is absolutely lovely and will be great for the winter, the smell is gorgeous, a nice strong orange scent that's really uplifting and fresh, it is quite thick and takes a little while to sink in but it leaves my hands feeling hydrated and nourished. The only bad points for me are the packaging and the price, the box it comes is quite nice but I hate the grey bottle it would look much better in white and it is a little pricey at £12.95.

GWDIHW Smoochy Lips Vanilla Balm- Full Size (on sale) £4.49- link
There were two products by Welsh brand GWDIHW (which is the Welsh word for owl) in this months box and both are absolutely adorable, they are made in Conwy which is an adorable little place near Llandudno I actually visited Conwy when I went to Llandudno a few weeks ago but I didn't see any of these little tins. Back to the product, first up was a vanilla lip balm which is really thick and softening and smells delicious, I usually prefer lip balms in tubes rather than tins as I find they have a tendency to get a bit gross after a while but the tin is so cute I actually really like this one, I'd be tempted to buy one of these as a gift or even another one for myself as they have a cherry scented one which has caught my eye.

GWDIHW Nail Wizard Hand Balm- Full Size £4.49- link
At first I was a little disappointed to see another hand cream in the box but this one is actually more for nails which I could really use right now as my nails have been a little dry and flaky possibly due to my anemia. This isn't as thick as the lip balm and has more of a liquid like feel, leaving nails looking more glossy and feeling a little stronger, again this is something I'd consider buying msyelf when it's run out as the price is great and it really works.

You can subscribe to Souk Souk Little Green Beauty Box here.

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  1. Hmmm it seems all so perfect and good smelling! What a lovely box!

    XO Imke

  2. thanks for your visit and lovely comment .-)
    Follow back on gfc!

    xoxo Kira

  3. I've had a box once but wasn't too keen this box though looks much better

  4. Lovely products! I wish we had that in Portugal!


  5. Nice stuff indeed :) I never heart about it here in Germany.... -.- Really want to try lovely product like this! :)


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