Saturday, 7 December 2013

December Inspiration

Skins <3
I thought I'd start this months inspirations post with a little explanation as to my absence over the past couple of months on my blog, I've decided to be honest with you all and tell you that honestly I've just not been myself I've had zero motivation to do anything, even simple things like get out of bed or get dressed on my days off, I've felt increasingly up and down and when I am down it's the worst I've ever felt. I've been struggling to hold myself together at work and it has lead to a few little breakdowns where I've had to tell my manager that I'm not ok. Now this isn't a new thing I've been like this before, for quite a few years actually but I've finally gotten the courage to do something about it because I can't cope with it anymore and I've finally admitted to myself that maybe I have a problem and sometimes it's ok not to be ok. So I went to the doctor and he's put me in touch with a counsellor and I am fully committed to sorting my shit out in 2014 and getting back to my usual bubbly self and more importantly getting back my motivation to blog and draw and smile.
So now that I've bummed you all out I thought I'd cheer you up with an extra long inspirations post filled with pretty winter scenery, junk food, my current favourite movies/shows and other general prettiness, enjoy.

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(28) Tumblr
Waiting for Christmas
Colorful Tears
Into the Wild | via Tumblr
lovely winter | via Tumblr

(66) hipster | Tumblr

Y u m | via Tumblr
courage is contagious | via Tumblr
Twist Cupcake with Hershey Kisses?
Kinder Bueno Ice 🍫🍦🍨
Cute Pug wallpaper

serendipity | via Tumblr
November. | via Tumblr
Untitled | via Tumblr
JANEDOE | via Tumblr

Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

BMO | via Facebook
Untitled | via Tumblr
weheartit | via Facebook

Tornei-me insano | via Tumblr
hipster | Tumblr

MAKE UP Noir, Cramberry & Glitters
Make up  - I do Make Up in the Car
Pas†el Go†h | via Tumblr



wedding decoration

(100+) cute | Tumblr
owow | via Tumblr

♥ | via Facebook

Depois dos Quinze

Also it's my birthday in 11 days and I am more than a little excited.
Mab Store

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  1. Send you lots of love your way, and fingers crossed for a much happier 2014 xx


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