Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February Inspiration

This month I seem to be flitting between wanting to hibernate in my nice cosy bed with comfort food and Netflix and wanting to go for long walks in the cold with my headphones in and try to figure out what I'm doing, so my inspirations are a little gloomy and reflective this month but still oh so pretty.
Tumblr▲Rigor Mortis▼
feroce | via Tumblr
art | Tumblr

On my more positive days I've been dreaming of spring and going for walks with Pete or having picnics in the park.
♡ ein wildes Tier ♡ | via Tumblr
εïз | via tumblr

Sky Ferreira.

cat & flower



Tuesday Weekly Inspiration photo Audrey Kitching's photos - Buzznet

eyes like the ocean
4f7d36d9bce3c676ce136891143d0494 photo Audrey Kitching's photos - Buzznet

And finally this pretty much sums up my head as of late
Jared Leto | via Facebook

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