Monday, 21 April 2014

April Wishlist

April Wishlist

A mid month wishlist for you today my lovelies, I've gotten into a bit of a style rut recently partly due to my funny working hours meaning I don't really got out too often and partly because I've been feeling nostalgic for my teen years so I've been throwing on leggings or skinny jeans with one of my many oversized band t-shirts.
So in an attempt to pull me out of my style rut I've been book marking loads of pretty things to brighten up my wardrobe for the spring /summer and of course I couldn't resist the adorable adventure mug from Topshop.   
I love a bit of floral print to brighten my mood and the blouse from River Island is just perfect for a nice drink in outside my favorite pub on a warm summer evening. The t-shirt dress it's great too as I love anything turquoise or mint and it could easily be dressed up for an evening.
The nineties kid in my is dYing to buy the mood rings and necklace from topshop and I think it's safe to say I'll eventually give in and get them both.
I don't really need any more creepers but I'd love a pair of these triple stacked ones and being a complete short arse I could always use the extra height. I've been meaning to buy myself some decent plain skinny jeans for a while as I've worn the bums out of my old favorites and I've seen a few really nice plain jeans but then I also saw these beautiful pineapple print ones that are completely ridiculous but also amazing and they have a matching backpack that is so cute I may have to make them my next payday treats.
I tend to struggle to do much with my hair but I like a nice messy wavy style most days so of course I've been looking to add to my little bumble & bumble stash with the much raved about dry spun finish spray. 

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