Monday, 7 July 2014

July Wishlist

July Wishlist

It's quite a jam packed wishlist this month so I'll just jump straight in, I would pretty much love the entire Itchy & Scratchy Show Collection but if I was going to treat myself to just one item it would be the Kitty Kitty Bang Bang T-shirt. 
My trusty Asos bowler bag is starting to look a bit worse for wear after many trips to and from work every week so I've been looking for a replacement and this Cutout Topshop bowler bag is just beautiful it is a little more than I'd want to pay at £38.00 but if it lasts as well as my Asos one I'm willing to spend a little more.
I've been looking for a decent summer jacket for a little while and as soon as I saw this grungy denim number from Boohoo I knew the search was over, it's £30.00 which is pretty reasonable and the sleeves are the perfect length so needless to say I've ordered it, I got it in the largest size as I want it to be as oversized as possible. 
I've been lusting after I Love Crafty's Mermaid inspired pieces for quite awhile but a couple of thier other items have caught my eye this month and I'm really really tempted to buy those amazing pineapple earrings. 
And of course it wouldn't be one of my wishlists without a couple of pairs of chunky shoes thrown in, I defintiely don't need the holo creepers but they were too pretty to leave out, the chunky chelsea boots from River Island however would be a great investment for A/W and I could wear them right away for the summer with leggings and a baggy tee.
Lastly I have to mention the absolutely beautiful pastel tie dye trousers from Boohoo I LOVE them, I want them to be mine and £25.00 is quite a good price but so far I've resisted ordering them as I'm trying to save a bit more of my money.

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