Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Product Review- Lush Sakura

Lush brought this pretty little bomb back a few months a go and as I never tried it the first time round I decided to pick one up , Sakura is inspired by Cherry blossom in Japan and contains mimosa, jasmine oils, lemon oil and orange flower, it smells fantastic, really sweet floral and relaxing. 
It fizzed away really quickly and the little bits of sea salt dissolved away a little slower which made for a relaxing soak although I was a little disappointed that the lovely pink and turquoise colours from the outside of the bomb disappeared in the water and I was left with just a slightly cloudy bath with a pale pink tinge.
It was a nice bomb for a relaxing soak but for the price I'd rather go for something like Twilight or Sex Bomb.

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  1. this looks so nice, shame that it didn't bring the colors you expected!

  2. I haven't tried many lush bathbombs as I never know which to choose! This does look and sound nice though xx

  3. It looks really pretty but I definitely prefer the ones that colour the water rather than making it cloudy!

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