Thursday, 21 August 2014

Make-up Revolution Stash- Part 2

Earlier in the week I posted part 1 of my Make-up revolution stash and here is part 2 featuring all the pretty palettes I've bought so far.

Eye Shadow Palettes- £4.00 each
These palettes are such good value for money, the first one I treated myself to was the Iconic 3 it's a pretty good dupe for my all time favourite palette Urban Decay's Naked 3 so I've been using it pretty much everyday for work so I can save my Urban Decay one for my days off. I have noticed that the neutral colours seem to be more pigmented than the brights but if you wet the brush before applying them you can still get a decent colour payoff.

Single Eyeshadow- £1.00 each
Make-up Revloution offer 46 different shades of eyeshadow available individually, so far I've only bought one and I haven't used it very much as I've been using the palettes most days but they seem just as good as the palettes and they have loads of nice neutral colours available.

18 Colour Salvation Eye Shadow Palettes- £6.00
One of Make-up Revolution's latest releases was their range of Salvation eye shadow palettes I instantly fell for the one with pretty sugar skull packaging Dia De Los Muertos. I bought this one in store and there wasn't a tester palette so I just went by the picture on the back of the box, I was expecting a selection of pretty warm tones, purple and wine shades. The actual shades in  the palette are a lot less bright and some are more blue toned than the image on the back suggests, most noticeably Get Out There which appears a very dark violet on the box but is actually a dark aqua marine, I still love the palette but I do think the packaging is  a little misleading and I will make sure to check the actual palettes in future before buying them


I also bought one of thier lipsticks for £1.00 but didn't bother taking a photo of it as I found it to be really disappointing, I went for one of thier limited edition Vamp Collection shades, I think it was 100% Vamp, the shade itself is alright but the formula was just kind of awful. The texture is very greasy making it hard to get an even covering of the colour and if you do get the colour to go on properly it doesn't last very long and transfers really easily.

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