Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mavala Spring Collection

I haven't tried a lot of Mavala's nail varnishes and those that I have tried were either gifted or free with a magazine but I was perusing the little sale part of the beauty department in Debenhams about a month ago and I saw this little Spring Collection set on sale for ha;f price £11.00 (£9.00ish with staff discount) of course I had to buy mostly for that gorgeous Pacific Blue. The set is no longer available on line but it's worth checking out your local Debenhams to see if they have any left, I know mine (Dudley Merryhill) does and they were an absolute bargain.

Pacific Blue
A gorgeous turquoise blue, this is possibly my new favourite polish I've already used it quite a lot including here and here.

Waikiki Orange 
This is a gorgeous deep orange, it's come out a little more red in my photos than it actually is I really like this colour especially as I don't have any other polishes like it which is a near miracle at this point in my nail varnish hoarding.

A rich vivid purple, that I will definitely get a lot of use out of especially in the winter to brighten up my uniform of black jumpers.

This is the perfect shade for the summer to me, a bright sunny orange which would look beautiful with a little gold glitter, I used it  here.

The only shade in the set not to wow me, Moscow is a pretty typical bright red, I own a lot of polishes similar to this but as the Mavala polsihes apply so well and have a great smooth formula I'll probably still get quite a lot of use out of this.

I'll definitely be adding to my little Mavala collection especially as we often have the older colours on sale.

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