Monday, 20 October 2014

Catch Up

Ed's Pulled Pork Hot Dog & Chilli Cheese Fries, I made Pete go and see Cats with me, Blogging with help from Mary, Wearing my new Harry Potter sweatshirt with my time turner and stag necklace, Just the right amount of tea, A very realxing soak, A bargain £8 dress in Primark that I stupidly didn't buy, Halloween Krispy Kreme, After work cuddles with Mary.

I'm writing this from my sofa with my comfiest pjs on having spent half my day at the doctors and the other half moping around the house, I have tonsillitus for the third time this year and I am extremely fed up. I hate having to call work and tell them I'm not coming in I always feel like I'm letting people down, so much so that I dragged myself in yesterday only to be sent home 20 minutes later having thrown up twice but I have some Penicillin now so I'll be back to work tomorrow and hopefully feeling much better by the end of the week.
The rest of my October has so far been pretty quiet I made Pete go to see Cat's with me and he actually kind of liked it maybe partly because we'd taken a trip to Ed's Diner first. We also took a trip to Alton Towers with his mom, I've never been before and have always hated roller-coasters but I decided to be brave and ended up going on most of the rides and to my surprise I actually enjoyed most of them apart from Rita which is just too fast although I did buy myself the photo from that ride as my face is hilarious and they were all half price at £5.
 Other than that I've been thoroughly enjoying Autumn, staying in to blog after work and spending my weekends with Pete having many cuddles with his kitty's and watching dvd's. I took a big step towards working through my anxiety and finally booked myself driving lessons, I feel like I've held myself back for way too long purely because I'm terrified of leaving my comfort zone and hate being alone with people I don't know but I was feeling particularly frustrated one day and just did it. I've had two lessons so far and really enjoyed them both which just goes to show that things really aren't as scary as my head makes me think they are and I'm feeling more determined to push myself past my anxiety, try new things and pull myself out of my shell.

I'm currently taking part in Go Sober and whilst I have struggled (especially on Saturdays) I haven't had a drink since September and am feeling pretty pleased with myself, so feel free to sponsor me here and help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Also who thinks I should go back and get that dress?

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