Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lush Halloween- Wizard Bubble Bar

This cute little Wizard is another item from Lush's limited edition Halloween range, he's a shimmer covered bubble bar decorated with little gold stars and a big yellow star on top of his head. 
Wizard has an usual but wonderful smell that's sort of a mix of everything and reminds me of walking into a Lush store, there's fruity notes from the tangerine oil and juniperberry that give it a sweet edge and relaxing hints of fennel oil, ylang ylang oil and gardenia extract that give it a special magical witchy type smell like walking into a room full of incense burners. It's pretty much the perfect scent for halloween and it created mountains of bubbles whilst turning the water a deep purple. 
I really liked using this bubble bar but I think if I could only choose one halloween bath time treat I'd go for Sparkly Pumpkin it feels a little more luxurious and is better value for money as I got three baths out of the pumpkin and only two baths out of Wizard.

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