Sunday, 12 October 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch & Cherry Me

I recently had a few days off during the week and decided to spend them photographing my ever growing collection of lipsticks and balms to share with you each week starting with my most basic lip product of choice the much talked about Maybelline Baby Lips.  

First of all excuse my puffy jaw I've been having lots of problems with my wisdom teeth recently which has resulted in me looking slightly chubby in the face. 
There is a lot of hype about the Maybelline Baby Lips which claim to provide intense lip care and 8hr hydration with some of them also giving you a slight hint of colour. I bought Pink Punch and Cherry Me back when Baby Lips were doing the rounds on the blogs and I wouldn't say I was particularly bowled over by them despite the many enthusiastic reviews I read. I do think they're pretty good for the price, for £2.99 you get a cute little lip balm that applies super smoothly and leaves your lips feeling soft and protected although I wouldn't say this lasts throughout my workday it usually only lasts a couple of hours before I feel like I need to reapply it. 
Colour wise I think they're better than you're average tinted balm although you do have to go over your lips a couple of times before the colour shows up. Pink Punch is a very pale bubblegum pink  which looks lovely in the tube but I feel like it's a bit too pale for me and leaves me looking a bit washed-out it does have a nice tropical scent though.
 Cherry Me however is a vivid red in the tube but applies as more of a wash of deep berry toned pink and I really love it, it's perfect for slipping in the pocket of my work fleece for a quick pop of colour and to help combat the super drying aircon on the shopfloor. I also have Mint Fresh which is a clear balm with a very minty scent, I keep this one on my bedside drawers to apply just before I go to sleep so my lips get a bit of care over night and I have noticed an improvement in the state of my lips which have always been a bit on the dry side.

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  1. love these colours! Xx


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