Friday, 10 October 2014

Product Review- Lush Ickle Baby Bot

I've never tried Ickle Baby Bot before as it's always seemed a little bland next to all of Lush's more colourful and decorative bath bombs, also it's aimed at children and people with sensitive skin so it's quite plain. 
It has a very subtle fragrance with the main scent being lavender along with sandalwood and chamomile blue oil, I wasn't overly keen on the scent as I'm not a big fan of lavender but it was quite relaxing so I can see why this would be good for a pre bedtime bath to sooth small children. It's also great if you have slightly sensitive or irritated skin as the combination of lavender and chamomile acts to calm sore skin. 
It didn't do too much to my bath, it fizzed away quickly and gave the water a hint of pale blue but that was about it.
Personally I found Ickle Baby Bot a little dull and I prefer my Lush products to be as colourful and fragrant as possible so I won't buy this one again but I think it's ideal if your skin doesn't get on with Lush's more extravagent bombs but you still fancy a long relaxing soak.  

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