Monday, 6 October 2014

Product Review- Lush Sex Bomb

Today I'll be reviewing one of my more recent favourites from Lush, Sex Bomb, I used to overlook this when visiting Lush as I'm not usually too keen on really floral scented bath bombs but I went to a Lush workshop a while a go and had the opportunity to make one of these for myself and as soon as I used it I knew I'd be buying many more Sex Bombs in the future. 
This is definitely one of Lush's more strongly scented bombs with a beautiful sweet floral scent made up of jasmine absolute, clary sage oil, ylang ylang oil and soya milk which combine to create an aroma reminiscent of Parma Violet sweets. 
Once in the water it fizzled away pretty quickly turning the water a pastel pink leaving just the rice paper flower floating around in little soggy petals which never fully dissolved. I only used half of the bomb for this bath and it was more than enough to give me a super pink and lovely smelling bath, and because it is so pink it did leave a slight ring around the tub so I'd imagine the full bomb would leave quite a noticeable pink outline. I also found that this one left a little pink dust on the bottom of my bath which I haven't had when I've used this bomb before so I think this may have been just a one off. 
What I really love about this bomb is that the scent remains noticeable on your skin for ages afterwards and as it's a scent I adore this is possibly the best thing about the bomb in my opinion and I will continue to repurchase this on a regular basis. 

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