Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lush Christmas- Dashing Santa

This cheerful little bath bomb promises to fly around the bath leaving a glittery trail from Santa's golden boots whilst filling the bathroom with an orange and bergamot scent.
I was quite excited to try this bomb so I popped it in the bath expecting Santa to go whizzing around the water but unfortunately he sank straight to the bottom of the tub and sat there fizzing away very slowly. I think maybe I'd just had my bomb too long as I'd had it a couple of weeks before I used it so it may have lost some of it's fizz.
Despite not whizzing around Dashing Santa still made for an impressively festive bath, turning the water a bright red with lots of fine glitter swirling around thanks to this bomb having both gold and pearly lustre's. I know some people hate the amount of glitter Lush pack into their bombs but this one wasn't too bad, the water was pleasantly shimmery but there wasn't too much glitter left behind to rinse away after I got out the bath.
Scent wise it's very Christmas appropriate with a sweet fresh fragrance from the Mandarin Oil and floral tones from the Orange Flower Absolute and Bergamot Oil, altogether it makes quite a warm fruity smell that makes me feel cosy and Christmas-y.
At £2.95 Dashing Santa makes for a great little stocking filler or a festive treat for yourself to get you in the Christmas spirit.

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