Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Jumpers: My Picks

Christmas Jumpers: My Picks

There are a lot of novelty Christmas jumpers out right now so I thought Id share with you my favourites along with a few other Christmassy bits.
Topshop have a rather classy grey jumper covered with sequin Christmas trees, I've had a look at this one in store but I just couldn't justify spending £46 on a jumper I can only really wear in December especially as I spend the majority of December in my Debenhams uniform anyway. Topshop also have some adorable ginger bread men socks which are a much more purse friendly way to get into the festive cheer at just £3.50.
From ASOS I've picked out two nice chunky fairisle jumpers, the red one with the snowmen and the dark blue with the reindeers, both for £35 each I slightly prefer the blue one and if I had more free time over Christmas I might have bought this one but again I just won't wear it enough to justify spending £35 on it. I  was going to buy myself the Christmas pudding t-shirt which I absolutely love but everytime I've gone to buy it my size has been sold out and as much as I love the pudding earrings I think they might just be a bit too big for work.
H&M have loads of reasonably priced novelty jumpers and they're all fairly garish I love the blue on with the baubles on it which reminds me of Wham's Last Christmas but sadly this is sold out as well. I very nearly ordered the Santa sweatshirt but I decided to have a look at it in store first and it just didn't look as nice up close.
Lastly I picked out a couple from Boohoo, the penguin one is really cute but I prefer the snowflake one as it's quite Christmassy but you can also wear it after the big day as snowflakes aren't exclusively for Christmas so this is probably the one I'm going to get and it's only £15 which is definitely a bonus.

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