Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Lush Christmas- Yog Nog Soap

Yog Nog- £3.40 per 100g

This is the best smelling soap I have ever owned, it smells absolutely incredible it's very sweet and vanillary with coconut oil, soya yogurt, cocoa powder and nutmeg powder which makes it smell like cinder toffee. 
Unlike Reindeer Rock which I reviewed a little while ago this lathers up really easily, it's super creamy and extremely softening, which leaves my skin feeling super smooth and smelling delightful. This looks very Christmassy as well with big embossed stars on the top, it has a suitably pudding like colour and the dusting of cocoa and nutmeg powder make it look almost like chocolate.
It is just absolutely perfect for the indulgent Christmas period and I think this may be my favourite Lush soap ever and I have tried a fair few.

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  1. Looks amazing!!!


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