Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lush- Fizzbanger

Fizzbanger is a bright yellow apple scented bomb stuffed with popping candy, it's supposed to whizz around the bath like a spinning catherine wheel to lift your spirits and leave you feeling relaxed. 
I popped it in the water and it span around in the water and crackled rather noisily (seriously this bomb is stuffed with popping candy) once the bright yellow outer layer fizzled away the vivid blue center began to come out. 
The scent of this is supposed to be reminiscent of apple pie with a sharp citrus scent at first followed by a hint of cinnamon, to be honest to me it just smelt like super sweet Apple Sourz I couldn't really smell any cinnamon or ylang ylang.
When it had finished fizzing I was left with a bright green bath which added to the uplifting refreshing scent off the bomb and as Lush love a whimsical touch they also hid a little comic book style "Bang" in the center, I love when Lush add these little extras to thier products and I love Fizzbanger it's the perfect bomb to wake you up and get you motivated.

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