Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lush Valentines 2015- Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Lush have really gone all out with their Valentines range this year and the one thing which seems to have grabbed most Lush fans attention including mine is the exceptionally pretty Unicorn Horn, it really is the most girly Lush product ever with swirling pastel colours covered in a light lustre and a smattering of little stars, it's the kind of thing I could imagine Hello Kitty popping in her bath. 
Scent wise I was a bit disappointed I was anticipating something a bit more sugary based on it's appearance, it actually has a light soothing scent with lavender oil, neroli oil and ylang ylang oil which is great for a pre bedtime soak, it smells really strong as a bar but once I'd crumbled half of it into my bath the scent was quite weak compared to most Lush products. 
Half of the bar created an impressive amount of bubbles and they lasted throughout my bath without really decreasing which I was very pleased about.
 Despite it's very colourful and bright design it didn't do much to my water apart from turning it a slight pinky purple colour, I know a lot of people have been disappointed by this aspect of Unicorn Horn but it's not something that particularly bothered me as I feel that if I want a brightly coloured bath I'd usually go for a bath bomb as opposed to a bubble bar.
Overall Unicorn Horn is a very pretty Valentines bubble bar and it's great if you're looking to unwind at the end of a busy day but it didn't wow me and I'm not really that into the scent so I won't be buying another one of these.

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  1. I really need to try this, looks amazing! X


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