Friday, 23 January 2015

Models Own Speckled Egg Nail Varnish- Magpie Green

I love Models Own nail varnishes but I don't usually feel the need to rush out and buy their latest collections and I can't say I really like the look of their new Colour Chrome collection, but the Speckled Egg range did kind of peak my interest when they came out. So when I went to The Clothes Show and saw that Models Own had an offer for 3 nail varnishes for £10 I decided to treat myself to Magpie Green which is a beautiful shade of turquoise. 
All of the Speckled Egg shades have matte black glitter in them of different sizes, the polish itself is really thin which I guess it has to be so that you can see the glitter in all the layers and get the speckled effect like a chocolate mini egg. However because it is so thin it took a good four layers to reach opacity which meant it has chipped fairly easily and it didn't have a very even finish, I think next time I use it I'll apply it over a plain white polish so I don't have to apply so many layers and hopefully it should last a little longer. 


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