Friday, 9 January 2015

Topshop Lipsticks- Inhibition, Infrared and The Damned

In the past six months I've become slightly obsessed with Topshop lipsticks it's quite possible that they are my favorite brand of lipstick, with that being the case I have amassed quite a collection of shades so I thought I'd carry on from my little lipstick series I started last year and share with you all the shades in my stash. 
I bought the Topshop Magical Lip Tint a few years ago before I was really into lipstick, I posted a review of it here, needless to say I wasn't all that adventurous back then so I didn't really take much notice of all the other fabulous shades they sell. Once I'd been blogging for a while I noticed quite a bit of hype around Topshop lipsticks and after seeing lots of reviews of shades like Whimsical and Pillow Talk I decided I needed to experiment more with my lipstick choices and break away from my many shades of red and glossy pinks. The one issue I have with Topshop's lipsticks is that the shades look very different on their website and tend to have descriptions which don't really match their true shades for example I bought a hot pink which is listed online as a purple so I always check out a shade in store before ordering anything.
These were the first three shades I picked up so these are the first three I'm sharing with you. 

Infrared is really differentt from any of my other lipsticks and to be honest I'm never all that sure that it actually suits me, it's a bright hot orange that looks sort of red. Topshop do a range of different finishes in their lipstick, Infrared has a velvet finish, it applies really smoothly leaving a soft smooth finish it still has quite a shiny look so if you're specifically after a velvet finish this might not be the one for you. The main thing I love about Topshop lipsticks is the fact they're so well pigmented and the colour lasts for ages which makes them perfect for work although I probably wouldn't wear this particular shade for work.

The Damned was pretty much my favourite lipstick at the start of 2014, I've very nearly used it up, I've worn this for work a lot, it's not quite as dark as the name suggests, in the bullet it appears to be a very vampy plum but applies more like a plum toned deep pink which is extremely wearable. The Damned has a creamy finish which is my favorite type of Topshop lipsticks, I can't stand a lipstick which dries your lips out but I don't like anything with a sticky glossy finish either and these are the perfect in between they apply smoothly leaving a shiny creamy finish which both moisturises and protects my lips in the cold weather whilst still being super pigmented.

 Inhibition is another dark plum shade this one is quite dark and is darker than it looks in the picture which might be because Inhibition has a matte finish which gives a slightly stronger look than a glossy finish. This definitely isn't an everyday shade for me and it's not one I tend to wear in the winter as I find matte finish lipsticks a little too drying in the colder months. 

( I apologise for my weird facial expressions in this post I just don't even know)
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  1. I have all three of these and they are all fantastic. Topshop lipsticks are amazing! xx


  2. What beautiful colours :)


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