Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Little Lush Haul

Working so close to Lush is a serious hazard for my bank balance I have quite the stash of bath bombs and bubble bars but I still found myself wandering in after work a few days a go to pick up a few old favourites.

As soon as the sun appears and I get any hint that summer is coming I like to treat myself to a big pot of Big, I like to leave my hair alone over the summer and let it be wild and wavvy and this is the perfect shampoo to give a boost of volume and encourage natural waves. You can read my full review of this here, this is my absolute favourite shampoo for summer and whilst it's a bit pricey the tub lasts ages.

This is by far the best smelling cleanser I have ever used and it's really softening on my skin, my skin is combination and often leans more to oily but since I've been on Citalapram I've found my skin to be a little more dry which is why I decided to pick up a pot of this. Again it's a product I've used a lot previously and one which I adore I did switch to the Buche De Noel cleanser over winter as that is also fab but with it being limited edition I've gone back to this. You can read my full review here, Like Big a pot of this will last me ages and the price is pretty reasonable compared to my other cleansers.

Despite having a rather large stash of bath bombs already I couldn't resist picking up just one and as this is a limited edition I feel like thats justifiable, I reviewed this here if you want an in depth look at it but it's basically a little floral bomb packed with yellow and purple flower petals and buds. I'm not normally all that keen on the floral bombs but this one is quite fresh and uplifting.

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