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April Empties + Reviews

I used to post empties posts all the time and I recently realised how much I missed doing them, I find that I sometimes don't get around to reviewing all the products I intend to and it's nice to do little mini reviews of things once I've completely finished them. Sometimes I review products after I've only used them a few times and then by the time I actually finish them I might have a completely different view on them so I hope you enjoy reading these posts as I'm hoping to make them a monthly feature again. 
I've been collecting my empty beauty bits in a big box and I seem to have used up quite a few bits and pieces over the last month and a bit so here's what I've used:

Aussie Luscious Long Conditioner
Aussie shampoos and conditioners are my go tos when it comes to haircare and for good reason, I'm yet to find one that doesn't smell absolutely amazing and this one was especially gorgeous and left my hair feeling deeply nourished. I've just bought the Take The Heat conditioner from Aussie to replace this as I've been straightening my hair quite a lot.

Kerastase Cristaliste Conditioner
I got this in one of my My Little Box's and I was really excited to try it as I've never tried any Kerastase products and this definitely didn't disappoint it was one of the best conditioners I've ever used. The Cristaliste conditioner made my hair feel super soft, shiny and most importantly for me it made my hair more manageable with less frizz and flyaways once it was dry, it's a quite pricey at £18.50 but I will definitely be buying this at some point. 

Dr.Jart+ V7 Turnover Booster
This was a lovely addition to my skincare routine it lasted me months and gave me a boost of moisture which my skin needed in the early months of the year, you can read my full review here, I will most likely repurchase this again in the winter when my skin needs the added moisture.

Nourish Protect Hand Lotion
I expected more from this to be honest but I found it to be a fairly standard hand cream, it smells lovely with mandarin and orange which is perfect for summer but it had a fairly thin texture, it sank in quickly but it didn't really feel like it moisturised my skin and as my hands have been quite dry recently I need something a bit thicker than this so I won't repurchase this.

YSL Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen
I really thought I'd love this, my mom had been raving about it and I've always loved the look of the iconic gold pen but it just didn't do enough for me to justify the £25 price tag, being as pale as I am this didn't really do much highlighting it was more of a very lightweight concealer. I think to get a highlighting effect I need something with a touch of shimmer which this doesn't have, the formula of the Touche Eclat is wonderful, I've mostly used it to give me a bit of extra coverage under my eyes but as a highlighter it does nothing for my pale complexion. I think if you have any hint of warmth in your skin this will probably be fantastic for you but for me it just didn't do much, I have tried a wonderful one from Dior which I will blog about soon.

Dr.Jart+ V7 Cleansing Foam
A wonderful cleanser for spring, this smells like lemonade and has the most lovely creamy formula which is still strong enough to remove all impurities whilst leaving skin feeling soft and soothed. You can read my full review here, I will most likely repurchase this at some point but for now I'm trying the Tea Tree cleanser from The Body Shop which I'm loving.

Lush Hot Toddy
One of my favourites from Lush's Christmas I had stocked up before they disappeared and I've just finished my last bottle, this has such a comforting warm scent that always makes me feel better after a long day. It has cinnamon leaf, patchouli and ginger infusion it's definitely a winter scent but I would use this all year round if I had enough bottles stashed away and I will definitely be buying this again at Christmas.

Benefit Rockateur Blusher
My absolute favourite blusher, it's very rare that I use up make-up items like blusher which just goes to show how much I adore this, I don't bother with the brush they include in the box as I find it applies much better with my big Real Techniques blusher brush. The colour is perfect for me, a cool toned rose gold with a very fine shimmer running through it so it gives a nice glowy effect rather than a glittery over the top finish. I've already repurchased this. 

Lush Movis Face Soap (I kept this in the Snowman tub)
This was such an odd cleanser, a solid face soap that gently cleanses and softens skin, this became fairly difficult to use towards the end after the first few uses it started to become less solid so I had to pop it in a tub and after that it sort of became a mushy blob that I just sort of smeared across my face. It did leave my skin feeling soft and nourished but it just wasn't thorough enough for me cleansing wise so I only used when I hadn't been wearing make-up. You can read my full review here.

Super Facialist Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Brighten Dark Circles Eye Cream
I wasn't wowed by this eye cream it was nice enough to use but I didn't find that it did all that much for my dark circles so it isn't something I'd repurchase.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream mini
I've bought this eye cream a few times and I got a mini in one of my beauty boxes which I've used up really quickly, this feels wonderful when I apply it, it's quite thick but it sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and I definitely look less tired around my eyes.

Collection Perfecting Concealer in Fair x2
My all time favourite concealer I seem to have three of these floating around at any given time so I made an effort to finish off a couple of the half used ones before opening a new one, this is such a great concealer it's pale enough for me which is a rarity, the coverage is fab and it's such a bargain that I will always repurchase it.

Lush You Snap The Whip Body Scrub
I've used this before and really liked it but this time I just couldn't get on with it, I found it far too abrasive and it actually left me with scratches on my arms so I won't be buying this again. You can read my full review here.

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  1. I can't believe you've finished a blush I don't think I've ever come close to even hitting pan! x


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