Thursday, 21 May 2015

MAC Up The Amp Lipstick

Mac Up The Amp Lipstick Review + SwatchMac Up The Amp Lipstick Review + SwatchMac Up The Amp Lipstick Review + Swatch
Mac Up The Amp Lipstick Review + Swatch

Say hello to my new favourite lipstick, I only own three MAC lipsticks, I bought the infamous Heroine at the start of the year (review here) and really liked it but I find the formula a bit drying as it has a matte finish. I'd been thinking about adding another couple of shades to my stash of lipsticks and having exhausted the beauty counter of Topshop I headed to MAC, Up The Amp is a shade that caught my eye a while ago but I tried to resist as I shouldn't really be spending £15.50 on a lipstick. However working in Debenhams means we have promotions fairly regularly and when we had our last Mega Week I treated myself to two new MAC lipsticks (oops!) there was 10% off plus I got my staff discount and I had some points on my beauty card to spend so they weren't too expensive. 
Up The Amp is one of MAC's amplified creme finish lipsticks and I absolutely love the formula of this, it glides onto lips giving exceptional coverage and it has impressive longevity in terms of pigmentation, I like the fact that when this does fade it fades evenly leaving a stain of the shade behind, there's nothing worse than wearing a super bold statement lipstick only to find that a few hours later you're left with super patchy lips. 
The downside to this super soft formula is that you have to be really careful and apply it gently, unfortunately after a couple of uses mine did snap off right at the base of the bullet and I had to sort of squash it back together which to be honest looks a right mess. It is sort of still usable but it's definitely not going to last too long which is very disappointing so I got in touch with MAC but I was doubtful that they would do much as I'd bought it from Debenhams and not directly from them and I'd lost my receipt. Two days after I sent my email I got an email back from them to let me know that a brand new one was on its way to me and sure enough within the week a new Up The Amp popped through my letterbox.  I was amazed at how great MAC's customer services was and it's definitely made me more inclined to continue buying from them. 
Anyway back to the lipstick the shade of this is just absolutely gorgeous, a slightly muted pink based purple which sits much less harshly against my complexion than Heroine. This is my new go to shade for the summer, although I don't tend to wear Up The Amp for work very often as customers are much less friendly toward me when I wear purple shades I'm not sure why but I'm wondering if it's possible that the purple makes my baby face look even younger and the more snobby customers seem to brush me off as some miserable teenager despite the fact I'm 24. 
But anyway this is definitely a must have shade for me and one that I know I will repurchase a lot. 

Mac Up The Amp Lipstick Review + Swatch

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