Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lush: Skydancer Far From The Madding Guns

Lush: Skydancer Far From The Madding Guns, product review, bath bomb

Lush, Skydancer Far From The Madding Guns, bath bomb, product review
Lush: Skydancer Far From The Madding Guns

From time to time Lush like to release limited edition products to raise funds for causes they truly believe in and being a huge Lushie nothing makes me happier than trying new products but knowing the money is going to a worthy cause just makes these products a little bit more special. 
This huge yellow bomb has been released to raise money and awareness for the dwindling numbers of Hen Harriers, the profits from each bomb sold will go towards funding equipment to satellite tag Hen Harrier chicks over the next few years with a view to avoid their extinction from Britain. 
Now when it comes to Lush's charity products I will buy them regardless of the smell or design, so when I gave this a sniff in store and found that it smells overwhelmingly of aniseed I was a little put off but I bought it none the less and boy am I glad I did. 
I popped it in the bath hoping the aniseed scent wouldn't be too overwhelming and was surprised to find that once it started fizzing away other scents were released, this bomb is packed with Bergamot oil, Cinnamon  Leaf oil and Sicilian Lemon Oil this actually had a bright citrusy scent that went beautifully with the aniseed tone to create a scent that feels perfect for the start of Autumn. I really enjoyed using this bomb and loved the scent so much I wish they would do this in a permanent product, I'm very tempted to buy another before they go, at £3.95 they're a little pricey but it's hard to grumble about the price when the money's going to charity. 

Lush: Skydancer Far From The Madding Guns

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