Sunday, 25 October 2015

Quick Two Step Halloween Nail Art

I'll admit I'm not great with nail art but I do like to have a go at it for special occasions so with Halloween just a week away I decided to share a super easy nail tutorial with you to make your nails look appropriately gorey.
Step One: 
Paint your nails white, I chose Barry M's Nail Gelly in Coconut.

Step 2- The Messy Part
For this you'll need; a small plate or dish (or Pringles lid in my case), some straws, red nail polish (I found the thinner polish's work better and I used Lollipops Nail Varnish in Voyage A Paris) and it's probably a good idea to have something to tidy up with like nail varnish remover and cotton buds.
Now pour out some of your chosen polish onto the plate and dip in the straw, then aim it at your nail and being very careful not to suck up any polish blow it onto the nails in short sharp bursts, tidy up the edges with some nail polish remover and Voila! you have gory blood splattered nails to suit any kind of spooky costume you may wear.

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