Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Father Christmas Bath Bomb

If you're a Lush fan then you're most likely aware of their Snow Fairy shower gel which is a firm fan favourite but they also do a bath bomb in the same deliciously sweet scent. Father Christmas is a huge round Santa shaped bomb  with a bright green centre which creates a beautiful green sparkly bath. 
Whilst Father Christmas does share the Snow Fairy scent it is much softer and less over bearing in the bath bomb which may appeal to those who don't want to smell like they just walked into a sweet shop but for me I would prefer the scent to be a little stronger. 
This is quite a large bomb so it fizzled around for ages and it was quite nice to watch the swirls of red and green floating around the tub, it's pretty much all you could wish for if you want a festive soak. I also think this is a great gift for a secret Santa or just a stocking filler, the scent is gorgeous and it's really Christmassy without filling the bath with a ton glitter which I know a lot of people hate. 
Overall I liked it but if it was a choice between Father Christmas and Snow Fairy then Snow Fairy would still be my favourite. 

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