Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

Lush love a whimsical design and Peeping Santa is no exception, designed to look like the strawberry and cream Santas commonly made for Christmas parties it's easily the most cute of Lush's Christmas range this year. 
To match it's dessert look it has a gorgeous strawberry scent sandwiched together with copious amounts of cocoa and shea butter which add a hit of vanilla to the mix. Peeping Santa is stuffed with Bergamot Oil, Olibanum Oil and Geranium Oil which are the same fragrances used in one of Lush's Valentine's products from a few years back, Magic Mushroom was a little red and white mushroom shaped bubble bar with the same fruity fragrance and it's one of my all time favourite Lush products so I was so happy to find another product with the scent. 
Admittedly Peeping Santa is a bit of an awkward shape to use and I found that I had to break off his hat for my first bath meaning I didn't get a whole lot of the moisturising butters from the centre of the bar. I feel that when I use this the second time the amount of butter in the bar will mean that the bubbles won't quite last as long as I'd like but my skin will be left left feeling super soft. 
I really love this and I will be stocking up on them before they go as I adore it's sweet strawberry scent. 

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