Monday, 21 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Salt And Peppermint Bark

Well this isn't the prettiest product from the Lush Christmas range but it's still one I was excited to try, Salt And Peppermint Bark is a salt based scrub with a strong minty fresh scent to pep you up ready for the party season. 
This scrub is packed with fine sea salt, cocoa butter, cupuacu butter and peppermint oil which all combine to create a scent which I would describe as a very slightly salty After Eight. 
In terms of use I think I prefer a sugar scrub to a salt scrub for winter mainly because I have some dry areas on my wrists from all the cold weather and when I was using this I forgot about it and it stung like an absolute bitch. So if you have dry or sensitive skin this may be a bit too harsh for you but if you like a thorough scrub then this is perfect and once you get over the initial grating the generous helpings of cocoa butter and cupuacu butter really nourish the skin. 
Salt And Peppermint Bark has left my skin feeling really smooth and the scent is undeniably Christmassy but I prefer a more gentle sugar scrub like Rough With The Smooth over a salt scrub for the winter. 

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