Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My Little Home Box

I recently cancelled my Birchbox subscription so My Little Box is now the only box I'm subscribed to and I still look forward to it landing on my doorstep each month, because this isn't solely a beauty box I find that MLB just offers a little more variety in terms of contents than most of the subscription boxes I've tried. I was pretty excited when I tore open my parcel to see that this month's box has a Home theme, I'm currently saving to get my own place and have consequently been buying loads of things for my 'bottom drawer' which is actually now more of huge pile. I like this months box but if I'm honest there's not really anything that stood out to me in particular and I've found that some months I'm blown away by the boxes but others they're just ok so I'm not sure how much longer I'll stay subscribed to MLB as I really need to be saving my money.

First up is this rather adorable picture frame, this is definitely something I'll be taking to my own home when I move out, the colour is lovely and I actually really like the fact that the window is plastic and not glass as I'm pretty damn clumsy.

Next up is this cushion cover with a dainty triangle pattern on the front and a blue spotty pattern on the other side, again this is something that I'll definitely find useful, I've actually got a little stash of cushions already including a pretty epic Black Sabbath one I bought at Comic Con. I feel like this has a nice spring time look and is plain enough to go in pretty much any room so this has been put straight into my bottom drawer stash. 

The Beauty Bits:

My Little Beauty Easy Morning Skin Perfecting Cream
As always we have a product from MLB's own beauty range and this month it's an illuminating day cream designed to hydrate and brighten tired winter skin which sounds exactly like what my skin needs right now. 
Mitchell And Peach English Leaf Body Cream
I have so many body creams in my beauty stash it's hard to get too excited by yet another one, that being said I've tried a few Mitchell And Peach products before and have enjoyed them and this does smell pretty delicious like almonds and honey.
Noxidoxi Mask & Peel Perfection Eclat
I've never heard of Nokidoxi before but I'm always happy to try a new mask, this is a scrubby mask so it can be used simply as an exfoliator or if you want to really indulge you can leave it on longer as a mask. Unfortunately this uses Silica beads to exfoliate which is something I've been trying to avoid as I much prefer natural exfoliants like Lush's Let The Good Times Roll, they work better and are much better for the environment. 

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